Friday, September 7, 2012

2013 Rhode Island Photo Calendar

Only In Rhode

Our first annual Only In Rhode Island Photo Calendar is in production and we are beyond excited!!!

If you haven't heard us talking about this (it seems we talk of nothing else, some days!), we held a photo contest on our facebook page. We received so many spectacular shots that it was a brutal selection process. When our judging panel was able to select 13 winners (12 months + the cover), we began assembly of our calendar.

Pre-Order Yours Here
Once we had the photos in place, we decided to add important and significant dates in Rhode Island history. A simple idea?? Yes. Easy to do?? Not even close!! There is such an extraordinary wealth of Rhode Island facts, firsts, and memorable happenings that we could probably have worked on this for years, but we need to get the calendar out before 2013, so people can actually use it.

We were loving this calendar so much, and were so proud of ourselves for showcasing the talents of Rhode Islanders, the beauty of Rhode Island, and the fascinating history of our State. Just when we were thinking this calendar of ours could not possibly be any better, a lightbulb went on - "Let's donate proceeds from the sale of the calendar to Adoption Rhode Island!" And so we are.  This is a truly wonderful organization that operates as a private, non-profit and is always able to use donations. 

NOW, our calendar is perfect!! We cannot wait for you to see it!! You can pre-order now. We hope to have them in-hand by mid-September. These are a limited print run, so supplies are limited - no procrastinating!!