Friday, August 3, 2012

Sea Bags

Once again, we're placing an order for Sea Bags! I have the Whale Tail bag in pink and it's seriously maybe the greatest bag I've ever carried - and I have a problematic obsession with collecting hand bags!  Made from recycled sail cloth, Sea Bags designs and handcrafts every tote bag, wristlet, shaving kit, wine bag, & diaper bag they make! The craftsmanship is exceptional and I'm pretty sure my bag can withstand a hurricane, should it be necessary. The Red Anchor Tote is the most popular style in our stores right now, but we have some super great new designs coming, so stay tuned................

Retro and Chic - Anchor Tote Designer Bag
Red Anchor in Large

Tote Bag with Whale Tail
Pink Whale Tale in Medium

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Lobster Claw Wine Bag
Red Lobster Claw Winebag

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