Sunday, August 5, 2012

New York System Hot Wieners

BBQ Venison Jerky (4 Pack)BBQ Venison Jerky (4 Pack)

So, in preparation for our Grand Opening Celebration of 
Only In New
we've been ordering all sorts of new products from all over the New England States - Some of which we haven't heard of before,
for example...................................
BBQ Venison Jerky (4 Pack)
Venison Jerky......

Now, I'm sure this is a very popular treat in the Northwoods region, I've just never tried it before. So, in trying to predict what customers want, sometimes we have to go out on-a-limb, which is pretty similar to flying-blind. There are numerous examples of similar situations with products we carry at Only In Rhode Island, where we had no idea whether anyone would buy it when we decided to order it. My favorite example of that is..............
Olneyville New York System Hot Wiener Mix.  

Olneyville NY System Hot Wieners 2 Pack
Order NY System Mix Here

When the Stevens family originally contacted us with the idea of selling the spice mix for their famous hot wieners, I wasn't sure it would sell but they were such incredibly nice people I wanted it to work out for them and wanted to help. Long story short - it's a huge success and we sell-out regularly in the stores and online! So lucky they came up with the idea, because now it's one of our favorite products!! 

So, the moral of the story is.....take a chance on something never know where it will take you!!

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