Sunday, August 12, 2012

Del's Lemonade

Hottest Year Ever: Northeast Has Experienced Warmest Temperatures On Record So Far!!

So say the headlines all this past week....
So say pretty much all Rhode Islanders!

Del's Lemonade
Although you may hear some complaining about the heat, I also bet those same people are not enjoying a delicious frozen Del's Lemonade!
The hotter it is, the happier a Del's makes you - just ask anyone at any beach in Rhode Island this Summer!!

Del's Lemonade is an iconic Rhode Island tradition. Started in 1948, in Cranston, RI the original Del's recipe came from Naples, Italy, where the Delucia family came from.
So, from a single stand to a Rhode Island staple, Del's is THE Summertime drink in the Ocean State. They make it now in watermelon flavor (crazy delicious!!), as well as cherry, peach/mango, blueberry, and new this year Grapefruit and Pomegrante.

The make-at-home mix is available in Lemon, watermelon, lemonade light, and cherry and they taste EXACTLY like they should!!
It's the same mix Del's uses and you make it at home with ice in the blender. We ship it everywhere, to all the displaced Rhode Islanders who need their fix!!

Del's is such as simple thing, but that's what's great about it - it's not officially Summer until you have your 1st Del's of the season!! So if you haven't had one yet - what are you waiting for?? This heat can't last forever!!

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