Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Clam Chowder

Only In Rhode

WHAT a day we had today in Rhode Island!!! It began with one serious rain storm (see below), which lasted maybe 30 minutes.........but seriously packed a wallop!
Photo: Waterspout off Quonset Point this morning! Courtesy of Rick LaSalle Jr.   
Waterspout off Quonset Point this morning
Photo: HUGE sinkhole in Warwick.  It swallowed a Toyota!  And you thought your morning commute was bad.
HUGE sinkhole in Warwick

Within the hour, it was all sunshine and, except for the fact that you needed an Ark to get around town, you'd never know there was rain in the forecast.

So as I sought shelter, huddling with several other drowned-rat types, and the temperature dropped dramatically the way it does when a huge storm blows in, I thought of.....what else??..............Soup!!

It suddenly became very clear to me why chowder would be such a staple in these parts........aside from the fact that the clams are available.......chowder is an incredibly useful soup that serves a lot of purposes at once. It warms the New England chill out of you, it's creamy goodness is second only to mashed potatoes as the ultimate comfort food, and the heartiness of it provides sustenance enough to maintain the Yankee work ethic (which I was sadly lacking today, I must admit). 

Despite the fact that I was inordinately lazy today, I did prepare a bowl (okay, two) of delicious clam chowder. Conveniently available in a can from my local Only In Rhode Island store (where else????) I had two servings of hot, yummy  New England style chowder from the Rhode Island Seafood Company, complete with Westminster chowder crackers and fresh pepper. I felt like a proper New Englander, enduring the perils of Storm & Sea. Who knew that eating soup for lunch could make one feel so accomplished, so courageous, so capable of enduring the hardships of winter?? Tomorrow I may decide to grind my own corn........., maybe host a barn-raising and live off the land! 

Or maybe tomorrow I'll just have clam cakes. I know this place that sells a great mix.......................