Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Clam Cakes

In Rhode Island, Clam Cakes are a big deal. Especially in the Summertime. Tons of restaurants serve them but the two main places to get them, as most Rhode Islanders will tell you, are Aunt Carrie's and Iggy's. Both have locations in Narragansett, and Iggy's original restaurant is in Oakland Beach in Warwick. The lines are forever long, but always worth the wait. For the uninitiated, a clam cake is a fritter of sorts, corn meal and flour, with a healthy addition of chopped clams (quahogs, to be truly authentic) and deep-fried to a crispy, delicious goldenness. Not to be confused with a crab cake, which is a completely different animal (or sea mollusk) 

So, we're noticing in our stores and online that people have distinctly different tastes when it comes to how they like their clam cakes. We sell three different clam cake mixes, and every customer is loyal to their favorite - rarely do they stray. If you grew up going to Iggy's then you won't try anything other than Iggy's Clam Cake Mix. Many of our customers making clam cakes at home for the first time, try the Krisppe Clam Cake Mix, and now nothing else will do.  And still others, especially those that visit The Big E every year, are convinced that Kenyon's Clam Cake Mix is the way to go. 

We're thinking of putting together a Crazy-For-Clam-Cakes gift set, with all three mixes and our RI Seafood Co. Chopped Quahogs, and some tartar sauce for the full experience! It's a radical idea for the brand-faithful but maybe some of you will discover that there's no such thing as a bad clam cake!

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