Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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So, before I get to today's topic I need to mention yesterday's post about Victory Day. As I mentioned, we posted the question on our Facebook Page and it seems we touched a nerve. The responses were many, and most pretty intense, especially those that oppose it. Overwhelmingly, it seems people want to keep Victory Day and support Rhode Island's observance of the holiday. But what we found interesting was that the majority of those people (meaning, the majority of the majority) supported Victory Day because they really like having an extra day off in the Summer to go to the beach. So we're thinking that to make everyone happy, maybe Rhode Island should declare this day a State holiday each year and call it.............Monday??


Moving on.............. we received a much-anticipated delivery of jewelry today from Erica Zap. This type of thing is like Christmas for us -  we get to unwrap each piece, then we oooh and ahhh while we exclaim "I LOVE IT" and "It's GORGEOUS!!" then we have to put them on display and envy the lucky person who takes each piece home.

One of the reasons we love Erica Zap, and the other jewelry lines we carry, is that each piece is so personal to the person who designed it. If you should ever meet Erica, you would notice right away that she is constantly looking at things around her and asking herself "How could I turn that into jewelry?" I don't mean literally, I mean conceptually. She sees something, like the rigging on a sailboat or the weave of a rug, and interprets the pattern and artistry as a piece of jewelry. Each of her pieces is crafted by hand, with a quality that cannot be duplicated by mass-production, and every one of her designs is an original creation, not some watered-down version of someone else's idea. 

Erica lives and breathes her art, in the way that those few people who have found the exact thing they were meant to do can. We watch the customers in our Newport store when they buy Erica's pieces and we see the attachment they develop when they find a piece they love. When you wear a piece of Erica Zap jewelry you feel special because the artist who created it understands the connection between ordinary and amazing, and through her jewelry she makes that transition easy. Plus, she's a smart, funny, talented (obviously), sassy gal that you immediately like. She puts all that energy into her jewelry, so you can't wear a piece without feeling good about it. 

And that......in a nutshell....is why we do what we do. The personal connection that's created between a jewelry artisan and the wearer is real, and can make you feel stronger and more beautiful and can change a bad day into good. Being able to facilitate such a positive feeling is the most fun thing in the world! 

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