Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Today's Thought for the Day:  Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Yes, it began (and ended) as a stormy day here in Rhode Island.......This was the dark cloud hanging over me as I criss-crossed New England in preparation for our launch of the Only In New England.com site tomorrow!! Believe it or not, I escaped the rain entirely - it was either ahead or behind wherever I went - that's the kind of Irish luck I have!!

And I am, indeed, feeling lucky with all the incredible New England stuff we're carrying on the new site. We've also decided to create an Only In New England section in our Newport store because we get sooooo many requests for New England products made outside Rhode Island (surprising how many people think New England is a single blob, rather than 6 distinctly different States, haha!!) This is turning out to be a HUGE undertaking, with the addition  of all the amazing products from all over New England, but it's also become a fantastic adventure that makes me more proud each day that I live in the fine State of New England! (yep, I'm making fun of others:)

It will be interesting to find out if there are other Clam Chowders out there that have the same cult-like following as the Black Pearl Clam Chowder, and if anyone will buy RI Maple Syrup, once we start selling Maple Syrup from Vermont. We're actually thinking of doing a Maple Syrup Giftset, with syrup from each of the 6 States (yep, they all make it!). But we'll be watching and listening to our customers to provide the direction, since the customer is (almost) always right!!

Our Grand Opening Extravaganza will begin Monday the 6th, with specials, deals, giveaways, and secret promo codes all week long.....make sure you're on our Mailing List or you Like us on Facebook to get the scoop and help us celebrate!!